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Posted almost 6 years ago
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Have been actively trading stocks/options for the past 5 years now. Have been able to generate a full-time income from it.

Have always been fascinated with the financial markets. Wanted to learn more about trading. Therefore, went to the "Intro" seminar - where they get you to sign up for their class for $495 (can bring a guest for free).

Give you the EduTrader software that you can try out for free for 3 weeks, the book, Rich Dad's Prophecy, & a syllabus (mostly intro stuff). And you get access to 2 webinars that introduce you to the concepts behind trading. Affiliated with Wealth Intelligence Academy.

Day 1 - Introduction by Mike Powers (He is listed on - had read about him beforehand). Covered:
1. Rich Dad mindset
2. Basics of Options - covered calls, calls/puts
3. Trading mindset
4. Basics of Charting
5. Sales pitches - Advanced coaching, classes, software, etc -> tuned him out when he started talking about it.

Day 2 -
1. How to Use EduTrader software
2. Advanced Charting
3. Using Technical indicators
4. Little bit about asset protection
5. Sales pitch -> tune out

Day 3 -
1. Play CashFlow
2. Review charts
3. Sales pitch -> tune out

Basically, class is good for beginning traders. Got a couple of good ideas, advanced techniqes, mindsets that will help me out in the future. Enjoyed playing CashFlow with others. Enjoyed meeting, being around other like-minded people.

Did not talk about fundamental analysis, spreads as outlined in the syllabus. Did not like the sales tactics, sales pitches, trying to get you to sign up for their advanced classes, coaching, training (10K - 60K!), that is overpriced. Would get into an advanced concept, then say, "You have to sign up for the advanced class to go into more detail". Some people were pissed b/c of the excessive sales pitches, did not think it was worth their money.

These classes basically hype things up - get you to sign up for them, hype them up even more, etc. etc. The more people that sign up, the more money they make. Use stories laden with fear/guilt/hope/want to get you to sign up. Cancellations are a hassle to deal with. Just beware.

As with a class that's $500, there are good/bad points. Take the good & discard the rest.

Posted over 5 years ago

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